FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How should I contact António Meireles, S.A. for any doubt about the company?

In the case of our website does not clarify you can always send an email to geral@meireles.pt or call the number (+351) 224 119 130, you will be attended with our best sympathy and availability.

The cookers, ovens and hobs of Meireles are prepared for natural gas or LPG gas?

Our cookers, ovens and hobs are produced for the two kinds of gas.

The natural gas need to include NAT at the end.

For example M 610 X is for LPG, and M 610 X NAT is for natural gas.

I would like more information about your products?

You can check the products on the website, and for more detailed information you can download the catalogue.

If your doubt is not yet fulfilled, contact us through marketing@meireles.pt.

Where can I buy a Meireles product?

Our products are available on almost every shop, as Euronics, Hello, Media Markt, Worten, Tien 21, Confort, Conforama, Expert, Box, among others.

We have our showroom in Gandra, Paredes. And a shop in Lisbon with a very wide range of Meireles: Ponto Frio.

Contact us marketing@meireles.pt for more support

The product I saw in catalogue is at sell?

If the catalogue is the last one at stand, then, you can buy it.

If the shop does not have it, they can order it to Meireles.

What is the warranty of the products?

The warranty of the goods is 2 years.

How can I order parts to Meireles?

You can order parts and Accessories directly to Meireles.

Send an email to pecas@meireles.pt with the: Name, Complete address, Contact, Product name, Product code, Serial number, and the parts or accessories you wish to buy.

You will get a proposal.

Which are the visit times to the showroom?

Technical assistance from 9:00 until 12:00 and from 13:00 until 18:00 on working days

To schedule the visits talk to marketing@meireles.pt