Privacy Policy

This website is property of the company António Meireles, S.A.

António Meireles, S.A. produces and sells appliances and climatization equipments like the air conditioners.

On our website, your privacy is the most important for us. The policy of our website eagers to protect the privacy of our visits. The goal of this privacy policy is to give descrition to all the type of information that we gather of you while you visit us, and how we use that information.

Treatment of personal data 

MEIRELES just collects your personal data with the goal to execute a service or a sale, namely the technical assistance, ordered by you and with your previous consent.

In the same way, this data is used to send newsletters and other commercial information.

The personal data treated

It can be asked the following Personal Data: name, birth date, address, phone number and e-mail.

Goal of your personal data 

Your Personal Data above referred, supplied by its owners to MEIRELES, are treated by this one to the following goals:

1. To execute different services available at the website MEIRELES;

2. Satisfy and reply to all the requests of the owners of the Data, therefore, assuring, to manage the relation of the same with MEIRELES;

3. To send gifts;

4. To manage and improve services and systems;

5. Statistic ends;

6. Quality control;

7. Send of MEIRELES Newsletter;

8. Send of information or commercial communications, when their owners previously consent.

Entities of share of the personal data

The personal data supplied to MEIRELES will be treated by workers or collaborators of MEIRELES that are duely authorized to the respective treatment on the performances of their functions, and are contratualy obliged to treat their Personal Data on the terms of the law here present at the Privacy Policy.

Without prejudice, the Personal Data can be treated by companies contracted by MEIRELES, that will treat the same data under instructions or by the account of MEIRELES, for example, to the effect of management and technical management of the informatic system or others.

MEIRELES demands to these 3rd parties the fulfillment of their obligations, of confidenciality, as well as not sharing the data to other parties and and are contratualy obliged to treat their Personal Data on the terms of the law here present at the Privacy Policy.

Moreover, beyond to these parties, the Personal Data can be communicated, when demanded by legal authorities, under any legal process and be shared to them by MEIRELES.

Conservation of the personal data

In the terms of the law, MEIRELES will only treat your Personal Data during a necessary period. In the end of which your data will be eliminated or anonymized on a way that it could not be identified.

To effect of the website, the user data will be conserved for 10 years.

To statistical ends your data will be anonymized, this way they cannot be identifiable and can be storaged indefinitely.

Rights of the data owners

MEIRELES assures to the Data owners all its legal rights, namely the right to obtain a confirmation that its data are being object to treatment, as well as all the information related to it, to know the source of the data, the recipients and the category of recipients to whom the Personal Data were or will be shared, as well as, to know the schedule of conservation for the Personal Data. MEIRELES assures the use of the right to access, without oposition and/or limitation to treatment, revocation of the consentiment, portability, as well as the possibility to update, rectify or eliminate the personal data to the respective owner.

Acceptance of the privacy policy

MEIRELES is under the legislation in law and it is demanded to fulfill the Privacy Policy.

Without prejudice, MEIRELES reserves itself the right to change without previous warning their Privacy Policy. Any alteration of the Privacy Policy will be published on the wbsite.

If you don’t agree with the Privacy Policy of the website, do not give your personal data. In the meantime, for a proper use of the services provided you may need to agree with the terms available on the website MEIRELES.

For more detailed information about the data protection you can read the law, namely the Regulament (UE) 2016/679 of the European Council and Parliament of 27 of April of 2016 and the national legislation.